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Our Web Development Team

Mike Roberts

Entreprenuership began at an early age for Mike. As a teenager, he started ‘Brain Games’ a computer games company and started writing games for the popular home computers of the time.

Mike moved into the corporate IT world working for companies including BBC, Datapro, IBM, Experian, Orange and Debenhams.

He has been developing with HTML since the mid 1990‘s working on thin client developments and building his knowledge of multi-terrabyte databases and Data Warehouses since 1985.

Eleanor Dobson

Eleanor is a very talented designer and web developer, creating simplicity and beauty in everything she produces. As a Libra she strives for perfection and order and her desk is the most organised place I have ever seen.

Stuart Mercer

A keen golfer Stuart uses his exetnsive web design and development skills to understand what truly motivates users and he helps keep dysfunctional designs in check.

Simon Whittaker

Starting out as an electrical engineer, Simon uses his experience of dealing with complex problems to great effect and consistently delivers high quality websites for our growing list of clients.

Ellie Bright

A young talent that brings a vibrancy to her projects and keeps us all on our toes. Ellie is a graduate designer and enjoys the more challenging and complex projects we undertake.

Eric the Fish

We are not being disparaging about one of colleagues, Eric is actually a fish (a Comet to be precise) and although he does not actively participate in any design or development he looks after our emotional needs in times of stress.

Our Associates

Apart from our team of web developers, web designers and database experts we have an extensive list of trusted and professional associates that can be brought in to any project, this means we can scale up to resource even the lergest and most complex projects.

"Our people have real world experience"