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Web Interface Design

What does it mean to have a well-designed application? Does it mean it’s pretty to look at?  Or does it mean it does what it’s suppose to do, which is make it easier for your users to get something accomplished? Well, in reality, it has to be both, because technology users are terribly unforgiving. Gravitate has years of experience designing intuitive, attractive interfaces for all kinds of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s. 

Designing to Objectives

Everyone has an opinion about your application, from the CEO to the QA guy. Whose opinion counts the most? The user! We take a user-centered approach to application design because ultimately, if your users are happy, your CEO will be happy. Let us help you take an honest look at the way your application is designed.

Counteracting the Overly Logical Mind (Read: Developers)

We have a number of developers on-staff. We love them – they’re quiet, smart, and helpful when you need to locate an obscure sports stat. That said, we don’t let them near Photoshop or our customers. EVER. There’s a reason for this. They think differently. They are intensely analytical and organized in their thinking. They use words like “schema” and “algorithm”. Your users do not think this way (unless they happen to be developers). We help you reconcile the conflict between the way your backend is organized and the way your front-end needs to be designed.

Style Counts

Whether you realize it or not, the most powerful application out there will not perform as well if it’s unattractive to look at. Nor will it sell well. We can help.

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We take a user-centered approach to application design.