How can investors win from arts on blockchain?


Are you an investor in arts? Do you love and adore exquisite art pieces and want to benefit from the appreciation by others, leading to an increase in value for your holdings?

If yes, then Predictive Art is for you. It’s a blockchain-based platform that enables to “tokenize” art works, meaning that the data on transactions with them is stored on the blockchain.

How is it different from conventional auctions?

As an investor in arts, you win from the following advantages this unique platform for blockchain auctions offers.

First, the provenance is stored on the blockchain, which means that there’s no risk that you are buying a fake.

Second, there’s no need for any paperwork, personal meetings or other similar formatilities. You are constantly interacting with the blockchain which you can do from the comfort of home.

Third, Predictive Art is built on top of the major Waves blockchain and assures the efficiency of the auctions with the art piece you’ll love as an investor. No risk that you’ll be defrauded or lose the funds due to holes in the platform.

Invest in the future, invest in the blockchainified arts.