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A Web Design Methodology all sounds a bit heavy and a waste of time doesn't it? Well not really, as the initial "Discovery Stage" is a free service to our clients and prospective customers and each stage is critical to ensure that we deliver the results you want and expect from your website.

A successful website design hinges on so much more than merely the aesthetics of a web page. Careful analysis of our customer’s wants and needs coupled with timely execution is critical to the delivery of a successful web presence. At In Vogue Media, our web design methodology encourages contribution at all levels from our clients using mind mapping techniques that capture all ideas, focusing on the each detail in turn to establish the exact requirements for your business website design.

We have 4 major phases within a project life cycle:

Web Design Methodology - Discovery Phase Methodology Web Design Methodology - Conceptualization Phase Methodology Web Design Methodology - Implementation Phase Methodology Web Design Methodology - Deployment Phase

The above stages are open and available to you at all times, but a lot depends upon your contribution towards the web project to help us to move it forward. Our designers are there to help and guide you through the process with clarity and ease. So, where do we start? The first step in your project will be the Discovery Phase.