Loco Contigo a Good Love and Dance Song


Loco Contigo is a song by DJ snake and J Balvin featuring Tyga. This song was officially released through labels which included DJ Snake Productions on the 14th of June 2019. The genre, of this song is love and dance. This song revolves around specific objects which are particularly women the woman is the narrator’s affection.

Meaning of Loco Contigo and the Song’s Gist

The title Loco Contigo in Spanish means ‘crazy for you’ and this is the primary meaning of the song as the song revolves around this sentiment, and hence, J Balvin and Tyga have become obsessed with the bodies of the females they came across and due to this obsession they are ready to do whatever it takes to impress and satisfy these ladies.

J Balvin and Tyga try to let the ladies, rather the entire world understand the quality that impresses them the most is the shape of their bodies. Or to be more precise they appreciate these ladies’ sizeable booties along with have slimmer waist giving them a stunning figure, and this figure is what makes them crazy for it.

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