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Email Anti Spam & CAPTCHA Code

Fight Back Against Email Spam

Are you tired of wading through loads of spam email every day and afraid that you might miss an important message or worse still delete an email. The answer is quite simple - use our anti-spam system to eliminate email spam from your inbox.

Our comprehensive email anti spam system can be incorporated into any website and includes; our advanced CAPTCHA code system, SpamAssassin software, IP address blocking, standard and advanced form validation, obfuscated email address and of course plenty of help and advice on anti-spam techniques.

What is a CAPTCHA Code

A CAPTCHA code is generated by a our secure systems and will protect websites against malicious computers that harvest email addresses and send spam email.

The box below shows an example of one of our CAPTCHA codes, as you can see it shows a set of slightly distorted numbers against a fuzzy background, humans can read it but the current crop of computer botnet programs cannot. Each time the web page is displayed a new CAPTCHA code is generated which then needs to be correctly typed into a separate box on a contact form, impossible for a computer to read but easy for a human - simple!

CAPTCHA Codes Protect Your Website From email spam Example CAPTCHA Code Only

 Enter CAPTCHA Code (Example Only)

The term CAPTCHA stands for ’Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart‘ and was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University. At the time, they developed the first CAPTCHA code for use by Yahoo.


Our email system integrates with SpamAssassin to allow you to filter spam. SpamAssassin is one of the most popular spam filtering services in the world; unlike other services it requires no external sign up and no API key. We allow you to specify exact values for marking form submissions as spam, allowing unparalleled control of the SpamAssassin system. You can find out more by visiting the official SpamAssassin website.

Block IP Addresses

With the above measures in place you will be very protected from spam, but jut in case your email account does get leaked out onto the Internet and you are getting spammed by the same users, then we can block unlimited numbers of IP addresses, including partial IP ranges.

Standard Form Validation

We offer standard validation options for all users, such as email validation, checking a field contains just numbers or checking a field contains just letters, this ensures that only valid information is input on your website and again this reduces spam.

Advanced Form Validation

However, what if you want to validate something more specific such as a UK postal code? We are the first service to allow you to specify your own POSIX regular expressions for field validation. You can now validate any field with absolutely any validation you require, allowing for unparalleled field validation control. You can find out more about POSIX regular expressions by visiting the Wikipedia guide to POSIX regular expressions.

Obfuscated Email Address

We make sure that your email address is not shown anywhere on your form page, not even in your HTML code. There are many form processing systems that require you to include your email address within your website our system hides your email address completely as we give you a special code that identifies each email address.

What Else Can Be Done

Building a website is more than pretty pictures and some code, it must include security and protection for you and your customers, this includes keeping your email secure. A number of web design companies consider email to be an add-on service and therefore do not always protect you from spam.

If you inbox is full of spam then you can look at implementing some of the following ideas:

1. Hide or encrypt the email address on your website

Automated systems 'trawl' websites looking for email addresses, adding them to lists without your permission. If you do want to publish an email address disguise it using javascript or as an image.

2. Do not use an obvious email address

An email address such as is easy to guess as many companies use it, instead try something less obvious such as, in this example ’cf_‘ stands for contact form and the year and month have been tagged on to make it easy file and retrieve email.

3. Periodically change your contact form email address

Number 2, above, includes an example email address that could be used on a monthly basis, but changing the contact form email even once a year will reduce spam and where possible delete the old account.

4. Turn off your catch-all email address

Catch-all email addresses are generic mail boxes that collect all email not being sent to a named account. The up-side of this is that if someone spells an email address correctly then you still have a chance to access the message. The down side is that automated mailers send emails to So by removing your catch-all email account you will stop a majority of junk messages.

5. Be careful about forwarding email

If you’re sending the latest Friday Fun email, or a quick promotional offer to friends and/or colleagues, clear out all the email addresses except for those people your are sending them to. These types of email have a tendency to be passed on to persons unknown, the result is that everyone you've listed as an original recipient could be easily added to a list by an unscrupulous individual. What makes this worse is that not only are the original recipients easily visible, but also any subsequent chain of people.

6. Don’t respond to spam emails

Replying to an email can indicate that your email address is live, which can encourage the more unscrupulous senders to send you even more spam emails. You should not reply to emails unless you are familiar with and trust the sender. Delivery and read receipts can identify your email address as active and will result in even more spam emails.

7. Don’t respond to spam emails

By clicking on links in a spam email you will be directed to the spammers web pages, you also identify your email address as being live and may make yourself a target for more emails. Clicking on graphics and images in spam emails can tell the spammer that you have received the email and also other private information such as your Internet Provider address.

8. Use our CAPTCHA code service

Our CAPTCHA code solution is only £19.99 per year and will stop spam dead, we also implement many other anti spam techniques as part of this service.

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Using CAPTCHA reduces email spam