Is Kmspico Safe? From Where To Download It?


KMSPico is one of the most important element to activate all Microsoft products. Microsoft uses two things the KMS and MAK. The MAK keys are used to phone the Microsoft server whereas the client using the KMS phones the local server rather than Microsoft.

The original key is replaced by the KMSPico licensed volume keys. It helps to create an emulated instance of KMS server and to locally avoid the online activation. Therefore the Windows system works with the license key thinking it original and cannot connect to the original server. That’s is the reason antivirus software and defender of windows think KMSPico as a virus.

This doesn’t mean that all the KMSPico is fake. If you install a fake one your device will be attacked with nothing but malware. Some sites might claim that it is fake but only if you download it from an unknown site, a fake version. Otherwise there you get genuine KMSPico which you can download. You can also get free download KMSPico for your use.

How to download original KMSPico?

There are many sites which claim to provide you with original KMSPico. But those are false. As for KMSPico, you have official forum. This forum consists of KMSPico and other KMS tools. After you sign up, you can freely download them from here. You might find some direct links to the forum in many official sites.

Even the creator of KMSPico has said that never you should download it from any site which isn’t official.

These make it clear that KMSPico is safe.