Russian Invitation Letter: Is It Required To Apply for Russian Visa?


Any person who is not the citizen of Russia and needs to go to Russia for any purpose ids requires to have a visa.  Getting a visa for Russia needs to have all the required documents verified so that the visa can be approved. One of the main documents required for applying the Russian visa is the russian invitation letter

What is the Invitation letter

The Russian invitation letter is an A4 size document that shows that one is invited to the country for any purpose. This invitation letter is issued by the Russian organization which holds a special reference number and authorization in the ministry of foreign affairs.

Types of  Russian invitation letter

There are mainly three types of russian invitation letter.  The kind of Invitation one is required depends on the purpose and duration of the visit. Also, it depends on the type of visa one has applied.  The three main kinds of invitation letter are :

Tourist Visa invitation: this a single visa entry invitation which is valid for the specific duration to 20 days stay in Russia. It is the easiest and most inexpensive type of invitation letter.

Private Visa invitation: this is valid for 90 days and is basically for the people who are visiting their friends and family living in Russia. These invitations should be obtained by the individual and not by the agencies.

Business Visa invitation:  This invitation is required for the people who are visiting Russia for any business and commercial purpose. This kind of visa is valid for up to 1 year and allows one to do business in Russia.

Applying for the russian invitation letter becomes easy and fast if one has proper knowledge about the kind of visa they need. As soon as one gets the invitation letter and they can apply for the Russian visa.